How to choose a password

Security professionals say the best password is a mixture of completely random letters, numbers and symbols. Longer passwords are always better. Longer passwords are harder to guess by humans and more difficult to figure out by ‘brute force’ computer attacks.

Unless you create an easy to remember mnemonic device for your random passwords, you may never be able to log in without referring to your password cheat sheet. There is a trade off between usability and security.

Example of a mnemonic password reminder:  bY$4cC@Fri = bring Your $ for cupcakes on Friday

Our site provides passwords using words and numbers and symbols at any length. The words are randomly chosen and the letters are randomly capitalized.

One of our passwords: gRIG54Daks@

Thousands of people visit our site every day to create passwords. From system administrators to casual computer users. So give our random password generator a try. Use one of the passwords or let it ‘inspire’ you to modify it and create a password that you can remember.

Thanks for reading and stay (cyber) safe.