• Updated Worst Password List for 2012

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    SplashData just released their list of the worst passwords of 2012. I love these lists.  At least it makes people think about the passwords they use every time they create a new account. Even if you use the same passwords over and over, don’t use something that can be guessed at by a list...

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    Use Different Passwords for Different Sites

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    I woke up today to a couple of tweets from friends, “Did you get hacked?”.  Uh oh.  Not a good message to see first thing in the morning. There were couple of tweets about Russian work-from-home sites from me.  Definitely not something I remembered tweeting.  I immediately logged on to Twitter and changed my...

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    The Big Security Blunder by Apple

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    It was recently announced that Apple’s FileVault software had a serious error that exposed user’s passwords.  FileVault is a program that stores users passwords on their computer.  A programming mistake caused the passwords to be stored as plain text instead of encrypted.  That means that anyone one – or any malicious bot – could...

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    Most Common Passwords

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    Everytime hackers release a set of usernames and passwords, it give analysts a chance to see passwords that people use in the real world.  Here is a list of the top 25 passwords from an attack on Sony in December 2010. seinfeld password winner 123456 purple sweeps contest princess maggie 9452 peanut shadow ginger...

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    An introduction to Spyware

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    From the time that computer viruses first appeared in the late 1980’s, there has been a constant battle to defend our computers from malicious attacks and protect our privacy. In recent years the use of Spyware as a means to gather an individual’s personal data has become widespread, representing a serious threat to the...

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